A “kooiaap” (literal translation: cage monkey) is a forklift truck that can be mounted behind a semi truck so that the semi truck has its own forklift to stow or unload its cargo. Kooiaap is an eponym in the Netherlands, named for its inventor. The general umbrella term used for this type of forklift truck is a truck-mounted forklift. The kooiaap inserts the arms of the forklift into the semi truck’s cargo space and can then lift itself up behind the semi truck. The forklift thus hangs behind the semi truck like a little monkey. This type of work lead to the establishment of the company Kooi. In 2004, Kooi’s truck-mounted forklifts and the Irish company Moffett merged and became Moffett-Kooi.

The patented telescopic forks that were introduced in 1980 are the core of MSE-Forks. These telescopic forks were developed in cooperation with a local company called KOOI BV, which at present-day is named Moffett. In November 2000 MSE-Forks took over KOOI BV’s sales and marketing for hydraulic lift truck forks. The brand name KOOI-REACHFORKS® was also taken over by MSE-Forks because of its well-known, excellent reputation in the world of logistics. MSE-Forks sells its telescopic forks under different, independent labels to all kinds of branches in the material handling industry.

Mountable forklifts are being used in many applications and industries such as the following:

  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Chemicals and waste collection
  • Internal transportation
  • Long loads
  • Petrochemical products
  • Petrochemical products
  • Beverage transportation
  • Building materials transportation
  • Glass transportation
  • Steel transportation

The truck-mounted forklifts are equipped with a scissor reach/pantograph or hydraulic forks in order to be able to place the load in front of the support legs or to load and unload semi trucks. There are currently many manufacturers of truck-mounted forklift trucks, such as the following:

  • Hiab / Moffett
  • Palfinger / Crayler
  • Princeton / PiggyBack®
  • Stonehall Engineering / Shunty
  • Terberg / King Lifter
  • Transmanut

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kooiaap


MSE-Forks is an independent, innovative company that develops and manufactures unique logistics products such as telescopic forks and mechanical forklift truck equipment for palletless handling using the so-called RollerForks. All of our products are aimed at increasing ease of use and application of logistics and transportation resources, such as forklift trucks and their variants.

We aim to add value to our customers’ and end-users’ logistics supply chains. We sell our products via our own international network of importers and directly to forklift truck manufacturers. It is intrinsically understood that the products we supply are of the highest quality and reliability.

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